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Kitchen and bathroom countertops that really make a difference

Countertops are often taken for granted, but the truth is, they are an integral part of your everyday life in more ways than you might imagine. Of course, they are used every day, in one way or another. You might prepare or serve your meals there while other times, you might unload groceries, arrange flowers, or do homework. They’re also a part of your decor, and the design and style you choose really matters. Overall, they can easily meld into the background, but at the same time, they stand out in ways that require care when choosing your materials.

At Italian Tile Imports, we take great pride in offering materials and services that help you to turn your house into a home. Serving the communities of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and Long Island, we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, making sure all your needs are met. We don’t want to simply meet your expectations, we strive to surpass them. Visit our showroom in Brooklyn, NY today to get your next project started. We’re waiting to be of service to you.

Countertops and all that they do for you

The truth is, everyone has to have countertops. But they serve a dual purpose, which means you have to take care in choosing the materials for them. They are an important part of your overall kitchen or bathroom decor, so they must correlate well with wall colors, backsplashes, cabinets, and flooring. The good news is, there are such an extensive variety of materials available, you’ll be able to accomplish this with ease. From stunning marbles and quartzes to butcher block and Formica, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in aesthetics.

On the other hand, your countertops, whether intended for kitchen or bathroom use, must also be able to endure the daily wear they will experience on a regular basis. In the kitchen, this means withstanding excessive heat, cold, moisture, spills, stains, and an occasional knife blade. In the bathroom, these surfaces will also endure curling irons, spills and splashing, stains, and more. Understanding exactly what you’ll be putting your counters through can go a long way in helping you decide exactly what material will serve you best.

Maintenance is a very important aspect in the lifespan of your countertops. Since some materials are easier to care for than others, it’s important to speak with your sales associate about the specifics so you don’t wind up with the wrong material to suit your purposes.

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