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Improve your home with ceramic & porcelain floor tiles

Ceramic & porcelain tiles have a way of transforming any home into which they are installed. They add class, style, and personality, not to mention a great deal of value. They are very dense and hard, making them able to stand up under a great deal of everyday wear and tear and they offer great water resistance for areas of your home that need that type of protection the most. More than anything, they are such a design complement, from natural appearances all the way to mosaics and unique formations that can truly be one of a kind.

Italian Tile Imports serves the communities of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and Long Island from our showroom located in Brooklyn, NY. We offer beautiful flooring materials and professional services that help make your flooring spring to life. No project is too large or small and we dedicate ourselves to complete customer satisfaction. Our associates will be standing by to assist you with all your flooring needs when you visit us at our showroom.

Ceramic & porcelain can make a huge difference in your home

Appearance options abound when it comes to ceramic & porcelain flooring tiles and you’ll love all the selections you have to choose from. In this line, you’ll find everything from neutral and all-natural looks to those that are more artistic than anything you’ve ever seen before. In addition, you’ll find that tiles can be cut to any shape or size, even as small as a postage stamp. No matter where you fit in that artistic spectrum, you’ll find all your decor matching needs will be met so feel free to let your imagination go wild when deciding on your flooring.

Ceramic & porcelain are water resistant enough to be used in areas such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, with no worry that the water, dampness, or humidity will ever damage your floor covering. Instead, you’ll be able to carry on with business as usual and be able to clean everything up afterward, so that things look as good as new. The even better news is that using these floor coverings throughout your home will give you that protection and peace of mind everywhere. Those with children and pets will understand just how important this really is.

Be sure to speak with your flooring associate about the professional installation of this product. After taking so much time and care to choose the perfect floor covering, you’ll want to know that it will be installed to perfection.

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