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Laticrete setting materials

Laticrete is a one-step tile grout sealer used for various types of tile flooring. Various products are used at different stages to get the results you want and need. In addition, you'll find a great selection of colors and sandable grout options.

A variety of setting materials

Your setting materials will depend on your specific requirements. But it will also depend on the materials you choose and how you will use them. Each setting type has certain features that could serve you better than others.

For instance, you might need a grout sealer that bonds to most surfaces. Or you might prefer an option that helps level the floor in other situations. There is a tile grout for every need, with results that will serve you for many years.

Specific Laticrete types you might consider

It can help to understand a bit about the different types of Laticrete. Before your installation begins, you'll have a broader scope of knowledge. This brings peace of mind and more as you move forward with your remodel.

  • Thin-setThese products bond to most surfaces and works well for interior and exterior setting. The high bond strength is perfect for thin tiles or panels. Some options offer rapid set options for two to four-hour bonding.
  • Tile grout waterproofingThis membrane is easy to install and load-bearing. It's designed especially for wet areas or water submersion. Application methods include brush and rollers, with no special mixing.
  • GroutGrout comes in cementitious, caulk, and premixed options. Some are sandable, dense, and hard. Each one provides a benefit specific to your materials and space.
  • Glues and adhesivesAdhesives help bond products to the floor and hold tiles in place. Tile grout epoxy adhesives are chemical resistant but cleans up with water. Be sure to ask about all your options.
  • PrimersA primer enhances the adhesion of mortar to smooth surfaces. They can also improve the bonding of certain products. It's a good choice for mold control as well.
  • Sigma Tile CuttersThese tile cutters offer a five-year warranty. They cut ceramic and porcelain with the precision you can trust. Made of high-grade aluminum and steel, you can't go wrong with these materials.

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Some of our setting material options include: