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Why design consultation should be considered

When it comes to knowing exactly what materials to choose for flooring and remodels, getting some expert advice in the form of design consultation could be the smartest choice to make. While every homeowner has their own ideas about what they want, what they truly need could be another story altogether. Not that their ideas are wrong, but there can be products that they might not know about, or they might not be well versed in some small specific that could make a world of difference for their home or budget.

Italian Tile Imports proudly serves the communities of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and Long Island from our Brooklyn, NY showroom. There we have an array of materials and services that truly help turn your house into a home. Helping you create an oasis inside your own home is a specialty of ours and offering our professional advice has often been a determining factor for the complete satisfaction of our customers. We’d love to help turn things around for you too and invite you to visit us to see what we can do to help with your own project.

Free kitchen design consultation

We offer a full kitchen design consultation in-store. You will meet with one of our kitchen design experts who will provide advice based on your goals, budget & style. Our expert will help you select from our wide variety for your favorite floor tiles, backsplash, kitchen cabinetry, countertops & accessories to create the kitchen of your dreams!!!

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Don't forget to ask about our custom bathroom vanity design services & imported Italian vanities.

Design consultation on your terms

While we can tell you a great deal about what design consultation is and how it works, we can also tell you what it is not in hopes of alleviating some fears and banishing some myths. First of all, it is not allowing someone else to be in control of your project or your budget. While our design associates will offer their expert opinion on materials, services, designing, style, colors, and more, taking their advice and putting it into motion is still completely up to you.

True design consultation always places the customer and your needs in first place. Our design consultants will learn as much as possible about your current state of affairs in the area you’re looking to change or remodel. Then they will find out exactly what you’re looking to achieve, whether it be more room, trendier decor, or a more functional space. They will ask questions about your favorite styles, colors, designs, and more, just to make sure they have a clear picture of who they are helping to design for and what the expected results are.

Overall, design consultation has one end game in mind: your total satisfaction with the finished product and that’s exactly what our professionals intend to do.